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AC Repairs in San Antonio

Fixing Your Air Conditioning Equipment

You depend on your cooling system to work for you throughout the year, especially in the warmer months of a Texas summer. When you turn your unit on only to find that it won’t cool your home properly or it fails to kick on at all, it can be incredibly upsetting. You and your family deserve to be comfortable in your home, but you should not try to repair your system on your own. At ASC Heating and Air, our San Antonio air conditioning repair technicians have more than a decade of experience and can offer you effective A/C repairs.

Fast and courteous AC repair service in Cibolo, Converse, and Greater San Antonio. Call  (210) 761-5130.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

Sometimes it is obvious that your AC needs repair, but other times it may be less intuitive. If your air conditioning is not cooling down the house, it is important to be on the lookout for potential issues before they become much larger problems.

Keep an eye out for the following indicators that it may be time for a repair:

  • You are hearing odd sounds like rattling or squealing. This could indicate serious issues within the unit itself.
  • Odd smells are coming from your unit. If you are smelling pungent odors, it could mean that your wire insulation has burnt all the way through. If it smells moldy, there could be mold within your AC unit or even within your ducts.
  • The air flow is minimal at best. This may be a sign that your air compressor is on its way out. If some rooms in your house are getting air just fine, but others are not, it could be an issue with your ductwork.
  • Your air is not getting as cold as it usually does. If your air conditioner is not actually doing its job of cooling down your house, it’s time to have it inspected for potential problems.

If you are unsure of whether or not your AC unit is in need of repairs, it is a good idea to have it checked out regardless. By scheduling ongoing air conditioner maintenance, you can help to prolong the life of your AC unit and prevent future issues from arising.

AC Problems We Can Help You Solve

To determine the exact issue at hand, our San Antonio AC repair company will need to thoroughly examine the entirety of your system, including the condenser, evaporator, and thermostat. Once we have figured out what is causing your AC to stop working properly, we can get to work on your repairs. We have repaired AC systems for residents throughout greater San Antonio, including suburban areas like Cibolo and Converse.

We can offer solutions for the following air conditioner issues:

  • Improper refrigerant levels
  • Broken or faulty parts
  • Faulty electric controls
  • Faulty thermostats
  • Faulty switches
  • Dirty or damaged coils
  • Blocked coils

Trusted & Experienced San Antonio AC Technicians

For more than a decade, our family owned and operated company has been providing quality air conditioning repair services to clients throughout San Antonio and the surrounding areas. We are familiar with all types of makes and models of AC units and can get to the bottom of any issue which may come up. You can count on us to quickly determine what is causing your problem and resolve it. We understand that during the summer, a broken AC can be incredibly uncomfortable. Therefore, we offer same day repairs if you have a pressing need.

Give us a call now at (210) 761-5130 if you would like a quote on our San Antonio AC repair services or if you are ready to make an appointment.

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