Amid the concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19, the health and safety of our customers and employees are top of mind. It is our honor and privilege to serve you and we want to assure you that we are taking all necessary steps to continue to operate safely and effectively.

  • - Our technicians are prepared with masks, gloves, and we disinfectant surfaces when necessary
  • - All staff are asked to stay home if they have symptoms
  • - All staff wash and sanitize hands regularly
  • - We are no longer shaking hands/physical greetings
HVAC Services in San Antonio, TX
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Furnace Repair in San Antonio

Sale & Installation of New Heating Equipment

Has your existing heating unit stopped working entirely and needs to be replaced? If you are interested in purchasing and installing a new furnace for your home, turn to our team at ASC Heating and Air. Trust our professional technicians to take care of the intimidating repair or replacement process.

We have a wide selection of options for your to choose from and can offer you recommendations on the most appropriate type of unit for your needs. Our San Antonio HVAC services will take into account the size of your home as well as the size of your family when helping you pick a new furnace. The installation of a new furnace can add to the value of your home, in addition to your overall comfort. If your issue is primarily with a heat pump, we also perform service on that kind of heating system.

Diagnosing & Fixing San Antonio Furnaces

In the case that your furnace is malfunctioning, you will need to hire an experienced San Antonio heating expert from our team. Furnaces can be very difficult to fix. If you are not trained in the latest HVAC repairs and maintenance techniques, it can lead to danger or further trouble. At ASC Heating and Air, we understand that a broken furnace can be quite uncomfortable, especially in the winter. We offer same day appointments for your immediate repair needs.

A few common furnace issues we can repair include:

A few common furnace issues we can repair include:

  • Extreme temperature swings
  • Not producing enough heat
  • Noisy operation
  • Furnace pilot light out
  • Furnace burner won’t ignite
  • Turns on and off frequently
  • Seizing fan motor

Frequent maintenance may be the answer to avoid some of the most common furnace issues. However, it is important that you call a San Antonio heating expert from our team when your furnace does break down. Our technicians can offer you rapid diagnosis and repair services.

Call ASC Heating and Air now at (210) 761-5130 to make an appointment for San Antonio furnace repair.

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5 Guarantees to Our Customers:

  • Property Protection Guarantee

    If our workers damage any of your property, we will repair it or pay to have it repaired by a professional.

  • Insurance Liability Guarantee

    To protect you from catastrophic loss, we carry a $1 Million insurance liability policy to protect you while we work in your home.

  • Professionalism Guarantee

    All employees and company representatives will introduce themselves and keep you informed while work is being performed. There will be no foul language or in appropriate dress.

  • 7 Day a Week Service Guarantee

    If something happens to your unit, no matter what hour or day, we will have someone take care of it as soon as possible. Our phones are manned 24/7 for your convenience.

  • Unit Satisfaction Guarantee

    Our manufacturers adhere to a strict policy on their units. They are willing to replace your unit if you are unhappy with its performance within the first year